Vicki has changed my life!!

Vicki has changed my life!! I started taking Pilates with Vicki out of curiosity – I had no idea what it really was! Now 8 (?) years later and 71, I can’t imagine NOT doing Pilates! Vicki’s teaching style is clear, thorough, and fun! She is a terrific Pilates instructor, and her knowledge of physiology really helps to clarify what we are trying to accomplish!! She explains/demonstrates how to do different moves, and why they are beneficial. I know I am stronger, have better balance, – and NO MORE Back Pain!! I can work in my garden for hours, and not regret it the next day! Vicki teaches you how to integrate Pilates into your daily activities – a benefit which I have found invaluable!!! She has given me tools that allow me to take responsibility for my own well-being – and they work!! We are SO fortunate to have her right here in the neighborhood!!