Pilates is My Something!

Ever do something that leaves you feeling so good you wish for everyone to do it so to experience the same good feeling?! Well, that is how I feel about Pilates.

I credit this to Vicki and her care and dedication.

I took weekly Pilates classes from Vicki. Both a private session using the equipment, and a small, group session mat class. Both were fun, challenging, and fantastic work-outs, yet quite different from one another. When I began I had my share of body issues: aches and pains, lack in balance and strength, stiffness…the things so many of us complain about. Looking back, and in comparison to now, I was feeling pretty lousy. With Vicki’s vast knowledge of anatomy, she helped me understand the ‘what and the why’ and worked with me to transform my body with a lasting outcome in mind. The core strength and flexibility which came from her comprehensive approach to Pilates, set me on a path of physical well-being.

Pilates is my something! I can’t imagine my life without it at this point. I say, gift your body the experience. You will be happy you did!