Helped Me Make Life Changes

“Vicki Mosse was my my Pilates Therapist for about 18 years. I was referred by a fellow tennis player who had been going to her even longer. I have been active in sports my whole life and found myself dealing with back issues and waking up achy in the mornings. I can honestly say Vicki was the key to my continued participation in the sports I loved and so much more. Her encouragement, combined with her broad and excellent expertise, saw me through some serious health issues which eventually involved two head surgeries. Her knowledge of Pilates, Strain/Counterstrain, nutrition, and healthy life practices not only helped me make life changes, but my son, husband, and many friends as well. For years, access to her studio was across town, but it was worth every minute of the drive!

Vicki has the heart and caring for her work. She has reasonable rates for her services, which is more evidence of her commitment to individual wellness and well-being. I miss her as a therapist and a dear friend!