An Integral Part of the Support Team

Before I started going to Vicki’s Pilates classes, I experienced a lot of weakness in my joints and my severe scoliosis had gotten worse over the years. This curtailed my movements and gave me considerable pain at times. As I attended Vicki’s classes and had the occasional private session over several years, I became stronger and more flexible.

The important thing for me was to attend her classes regularly and stay as active as possible outside of class. Vicki was an integral part of the support team that improved my quality of life, and as a female in my 60s this is very important. Why am I not continuing to take classes? Only because we are now living six hours apart.

I hope the people in her new community recognize the tremendous resource they have in their midst and take advantage of Vicki’s passion, skill, and the compassion she has for the people who come to her.