About Vicki

Vicki Mosse is a Certified Athletic Trainer with a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine. She has 40+ years of professional experience in the fields of physical rehabilitation, fitness, and health maintenance. Vicki has trained for 25 years and is certified in the Pilates method.  As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Vicki has an extensive background in the therapeutic value of nutrition. Victoria Mosse

As a Certified Athletic Trainer, Vicki has worked with patients/clients/athletes of all levels to prevent, evaluate, and rehabilitate injuries. Working in various physical rehabilitation settings, Vicki has developed and applied many skills and techniques to assist in the recovery and rehabilitation of numerous injuries and conditions. As a Pilates teacher, Vicki enjoys developing individualized programs to meet the needs of her diverse clientele, as well as leading small, group mat classes.

Vicki has a strong passion for whole foods nutrition and a desire to help others understand the importance of healthy digestion/absorption and a proper, individualized diet. This can be accomplished through collaboration with a client’s physician, or one-on-one guidance. Helping people decelerate vision problems with natural techniques and strategies is another interest. However, Vicki knows her limitations. If it’s evident she does not provide the appropriate service to meet a specific need, she will be happy to assist in determining what is necessary for a successful outcome.