In 1996 and before beginning treatment with Ms. Mosse, I was suffering from chronic and debilitating back and leg pain, caused by a diagnosis of Spondylolisthesis. I was unable to walk, stand, sit or drive for anything other than a short period of time. I wore a Levitor back brace full time and had been treated with chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, D.O. manipulations, Feldenkrais, a Tens machine, as as well as a steroid spinal epidural and up to 16 Tylenol per day. A spine specialist, neurologist and orthopedist had been consulted. Our work together has left me pain free without medication. I am now playing tennis 6 days a week for 1-2 hours, walking 1 hour daily, as well as 1 hour weight room sessions 2-3 times a week. My life was restored. Ms. Mosse is in my directory under “Miracle Worker.”

Patricia M.

Who says real men don’t do Pilates? I’m an over fifty male runner and occasional triathlete. Several years ago a friend recommended Vicki for help with a nagging injury. Vicki didn’t just treat the symptoms. She identified the root cause and developed an exercise and stretching program that solved the problem once and for all. I’ve continued to work with Vicki almost every week since then because Vicki helps me feel and perform better. Stretching and core work should be a regular part of everyone’s exercise and life program. Vicki makes it effective and fun.

Brett W.

At 65, I am much stronger and more flexible than I have been for many years, and it’s because of Pilates. I can work longer and harder in my garden without getting stiff and sore because I have learned the how to bend and squat and how to do it right. I have been taking classes from Vicki for three years and feel so lucky because she is skillful and patient, and because she is so capable and knowledgeable. If you wish to do your body a favor, consider Pilates with Vicki.

Marilyn K.

Vicki has changed my life!! I used to have serious low back pain, but now I can work in the garden for hours- and go out the next day and do it again with no discomfort!! She is a terrific Pilates instructor, and her knowledge of physiology really helps to clarify what we are trying to accomplish !! She has given me tools that allow me to take responsibility for my own well-being – and they work!! We are SO fortunate to have her right here in the neighborhood!!


I have been working with Vicki for three years and I continue to be amazed at the new me. When I began I was physically weak and unsure whether I would even be able to do Pilates. With Vickie’s amazing support and step by step approach she tailored a program for my special needs in a way that I experienced success. She has truly been an angel in my life and has been instrumental in helping me re establish my sense of strength, well being and quality of life.

Lois W-S